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Why Choose Us?

Increase Traffic

SEO helps us to generate traffic to get leads and Conversions. Our Motive is to provide maximum leads to our Clients.

Build Trust & Credibility

We help you to build the trust Factor among the audience and get loyal customers by promoting your brand.

Increase Engagement & Conversions

Ranking on the Top of the Search Engines will Help you to get the more Conversion and increase the Engagement.


SEO is a Cost-effective way to promote your business online because it targets users who are actually looking for your products and services online.

Better UI/UX

UI/ UX is used to improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with your website in order to achieve its objective to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

 What We Cover?

Search engine Optimization

Understanding your needs

Our professionals at Digital Technpedia Private Limited try to understand the uniqueness of your business, your target audience, and its requirements before we curate the best set of practices for you. We devote our first step towards knowing your business and your inimitable vision.

search engine Optimization


Knowing the right keywords to be used is the foundation for an effective search engine optimization. Thus, we try to have a close look at the competition’s keywords in order to create greater density for a better ranking. With 12 years of experience, our professionals also ace at auditing your website to evaluate and achieve your traffic goals.

search engine Optimization

Tailor strategy to suit your business

Search engine optimization is a product of consistent efforts with the correct objective to achieve. It yields goodwill and reputation without having to buy it. Every business is unique in some or the other way, therefore no two businesses can have identical paths to tread on their way up to the top 5 search results either. We believe in creating customized and effective combinations.

search engine optimization

Amalgamation of different Techniques

We focus on both on page and off page techniques for an effective search engine optimization. Along with correctness and density of the keywords used, other On Page elements like the quality and relevance of the content, page quality, page structure, internal linking, and page performance also contribute as it will gain and retain traffic leading to better SEO.
Keeping in mind that on page factors alone can not help better the ranking, we pay equal attention to off page factors such as backlinks and domain authority.

search engine Optimization

Result Analysis

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process that additionally helps you have constant feedback and a clear updated picture of your standing. Our professionals are certified to use google analytics to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most, how your visitors locate your website and perform customized analysis in order to finetune your website.

How does it help?

Imagine, you and competitor are trying to put across the exact same thing through the world wide web, in the one who reaches more screens, gets the edge. Being on the top of the search would not only create an easy and widespread reach to the audience but it would most importantly create long term credibility. One of the basic practices of effective SEO includes having a quality website, thus it would enhance the user experience, leading to increased audience retention.

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